Garage Floor Epoxy

A Technician Applies Garage Floor Epoxy.

How Garage Floor Epoxy Can Help You

Garage floors tend to be overlooked, yet they need to be able to withstand many different types of conditions. Heavy foot traffic, constant parking of cars, storage of heavy items, stains, and many other factors require that your garage floors be durable as well as functional with proper concrete refinishing. Exclusive Epoxy Coatings understands these requirements and gives you the solutions to stay on top.

Exclusive Epoxy Coatings can give you the perfect garage floor. When you contact us at 786-449-3098 we will give you a full consultation and solutions you can trust. We offer garage flooring services for residential, commercial, and industrial spaces. Regardless of your need, we’ve got you covered.

How Is Garage Floor Epoxy Installed?

One of the first things you should know if you’re interested in garage floor epoxy is how it is installed. Like other types of epoxy floor coating, with garage floor epoxy a special material is applied directly to your existing garage floor. However, there are still many different solutions when it comes to applying epoxy resin. The most popular flooring solution for garages is the epoxy flooring flake system. The flake flooring system is highly durable and chemical resistant. In addition to those necessary benefits, it is also decorative and provides your garage floor with a more appealing look. 

However, the flake flooring system is not the only method that can be used to install garage floor epoxy. There are other alternatives that work just as well, and each can offer your garage a great new look. We offer solid color epoxy coatings, quartz flooring systems, and more. No matter your need, you can rest assured that our team will offer you the best solution for garage floor epoxy in Miami, FL depending on your needs. We will have your garage floors looking and performing at their best.

Benefits of Garage Floor Epoxy

If you’ve been wondering whether installing garage floor epoxy is worth it, there are plenty of things to consider. This method of finishing your garage floor can offer you a host of benefits. Here are just a few:

  • Strong & Durable
  • Visually Appealing
  • Chemical Resistant
  • A Safer Alternative
gray epoxy flooring in a gym

Professional Garage Floor Epoxy Installation

You may be thinking about getting garage floor epoxy in Miami, FL now that you’ve heard about all its benefits. If that’s the case, there’s only one thing left to do. It’s important to find a team of skilled professionals like those at Exclusive Epoxy Coatings so you can be sure it is installed without any problems. If you’re ready to have your new garage floor installed, contact our team today at 786-449-3098.