Epoxy Countertop Installation

white marble countertop with silver veins in a kitchen

How Epoxy Countertops Benefit You? 

Are the countertops in your home looking a little dull? Or perhaps you want an affordable and durable way to make your countertops “pop”. If that’s the case, epoxy countertop installation may be the solution for you. These countertops are attractive, durable, and perfect for just about any home. If you’re interested in epoxy countertop installation in Miami, FL, read on to learn more or call Exclusive Epoxy Coatings now at 786-449-3098.

How Epoxy Countertops Are Made

Epoxy countertops, like epoxy floor coatings, are crafted by installing a finish over your existing countertops. This makes them different from other countertop solutions. This is because you won’t be picking out a slab of granite or marble to install. The material used to craft epoxy countertops is made with a combination of an epoxy resin and a liquid hardener. It can be applied to a new base or even installed over existing countertops to give them a fresh look.

This material is what makes epoxy countertops durable and capable of standing up to all kinds of damage. Not only that, but getting epoxy countertop installation in Miami, FL makes it easy to take care of any damage that may occur. By reapplying the epoxy coating you can take care of any scratches, scrapes, or burns with little difficulty. 

What Design Options Are Available?

Another of the great things about epoxy countertop installation is just how many options are available to you. Whether you’re interested in something basic or looking for a dazzling finish, like you get with marble liquid metallic countertops, there is something for everyone. 

When you sit down and talk to the experts in epoxy countertop installation in Miami, FL, you’ll get to choose from numerous colors, patterns, textures, and much more. Color matching is also available, making it a simple process to install epoxy countertops that will perfectly match the rest of your living space. 

black and white zebra countertopGet Professional Epoxy Countertop Installation

Wondering if epoxy countertop installation in Miami, FL is right for you? Because epoxy resin is such a challenging medium to work with, teaming up with design professionals like the team at Exclusive Epoxy Coatings can guarantee you get your new epoxy countertops installed with no problems. If you want to learn even more about epoxy countertop installation, or you’re ready to book an appointment with our team, call us now at 786-449-3098.