Epoxy Wall Coating

Epoxy Resin Applied to Concrete Surface

What is an epoxy wall coating?

Walls can take a beating, especially in commercial spaces. However, with an epoxy wall coating, you can do more to protect your space. For years you have been able to find epoxy flooring and even epoxy countertops. Now epoxy coatings for walls are also being seen more and more often. This just leads to one question. What makes an epoxy wall coating different?

The combination of two components, an epoxy resin, and a hardener, allows epoxy wall coatings to dry to a plastic finish. This makes them a more durable choice than many other wall coatings and finishes on the market. Are you interested in getting an epoxy wall coating in Miami, FL for your space? Contact Exclusive Epoxy Coatings at 786-449-3098 to get started, or keep reading to learn more. 

Benefits of Epoxy Wall Coatings

It is not just the durability of an epoxy wall coating that makes it a great choice. There are numerous other benefits. In addition to their ability to stand up to physical damage including scrapes and hard impacts, epoxy wall coatings resist damage from chemicals, including many found in cleaners and bleach. 

Another benefit of opting for an epoxy wall coating in Miami, FL is it can cover up any seams or cracks, especially those on concrete walls. This can keep a space in the best condition for even longer, as covering these seams and cracks can prevent issues such as mold growth and water damage.

Its durability can keep an epoxy wall coating looking great over time and reduce the need for future repairs. However, this also makes it easy to keep clean. This can make it especially beneficial for use in a wide range of spaces.

Where can I install epoxy wall coating?

From kitchens to offices and kennels, you can use an epoxy wall coating to make sure virtually any room stays clean and damage-free. Because of this, an epoxy wall coating can be of great help in medical offices and similar spaces where hygiene is a chief concern, such as food prep areas. 

The strength of an epoxy wall coating also makes it a good choice for industrial spaces. Epoxy floor coating has long been used to prevent wear and tear. Now you can find an epoxy wall coating in Miami, FL to provide further protection even in the most demanding spaces.

Have Epoxy Wall Coating Professionally Installed

Does an epoxy wall coating seem like a good choice for your space? If so, your next step is to find a team capable of installing an epoxy wall coating and getting the job done right. There are a lot of things to think about when it comes to the installation of an epoxy wall coating. For example, even simple errors can lead to unsightly sagging. If you’re ready to install epoxy wall coating near Miami, FL, contact the professionals of Exclusive Epoxy Coatings today at 786-449-3098